Cuccinis Charity Event – Street Smart UK

StreetSmart - Helping the Homeless

Customers will now be able to leave an extra £1 when they pay their bill, which will go to Homeless people around our local area of Bournemouth and the UK. It’s optional and not obligatory and has had great results with over 99% of restaurant customers around the UK leaving £1 to this amazing charity. Street Smart is an international charity and can be found in most developed nations around the world. StreetSmart have announced their latest fundraising total of £551,000 collected from 580 participating restaurants and hotels across the UK in 2014. This reveals an official total of £7.4 million raised to support the homeless since the charity started in 1998. Meanwhile, a new report by UK Department for Communities and Local Government has announced a 13% rise in homelessness across the UK last year and a 62% rise since 2010/11.
You don’t have to leave something through our restaurant, you can also donate money as and when you want to do so here: